Tabuk Cement Company

Tabuk Cement Company is a Saudi joint stock company wholly owned by individuals and institutions of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries and is accredited in the capital market and subject to the provisions of Tadawul rules and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tabuk Cement Company hereby:

– Manufacture of Portland cement, resistant to sulphate salts, and pozzolan cement for industrial purposes, its derivatives and accessories, and trade in these products and carry out all related works and supplementary for this purpose.

– Establishment of factories and laboratories related to the subsidiary and complementary industries for the cement industry of building materials and others.

– Import and export of cement and related products and owns real estate and scientific laboratories to improve products.

Saudi Arabian Refineries Company contributes in this company a sum of one million fifty thousand riyals (1,050,000 riyals) in one hundred and twenty-eight thousand five hundred and seventy-one shares (128,571 shares).