Chairman’s Message


(Refineries) have taken upon themselves to confront the most difficult challenges and turn them into opportunities to seize. Since the establishment of the company in 1379 AH, it has intensified its efforts to benefit from the abundant human and natural resources of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the implementation of commercial and industrial projects and made innovation and its way to continuous improvement in the way it works and striving for growth. Today, The vision of His Highness the Crown Prince, may God protect him, was launched. The vision of 2030 is the beginning of a new stage in the march of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which aims to build a strong economy based on solid foundations. The launch of the 2030 Vision will enhance opportunities for the private sector to start a new quality of business and expand further in the investment sectors.

Therefore we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility towards the company and its shareholders to put it in the early Saudi joint stock companies in our dear country.


Suleman bin Saad Al-Hamid

  Chairman of the Board