Saudi Arabian Refineries Company (SARCO) announces the date of the start of the electronic vote on the items of the Ordinary General Assembly meeting the first meeting by means of modern technology (reminder announcement)


Element List Explanation
Announcement Detail Referring to the announcement of the Saudi Arabian Refineries Company (SARCO) on 16/08/1442 AH corresponding to 29/03/2021 regarding the invitation to attend the meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly (the first meeting) to be held, God willing, at exactly ten o’clock in the evening on Wednesday 09/09 1442 AH corresponding to 21/04/2021 through the means of modern technology, as part of the support of preventive and precautionary efforts and measures by the relevant and competent health authorities to address the emerging corona virus (COVID-19), and as an extension of the continuous efforts made by all government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Take the necessary preventive measures to prevent its spread.

Therefore, the company would like to remind its shareholders registered in Tadawulaty Services of the possibility of remote electronic voting on the items of the Ordinary General Assembly meeting starting from ten in the morning of next Saturday 05/09/1442 AH corresponding to 17/04/2021 until the end of the time of the Ordinary General Assembly. Registration and voting through my trading services will be free of charge and available to all shareholders via the following link: (www.tadawulaty.com.sa)

In the event of an inquiry, we hope to contact the Shareholders Relations on :
phone: 0126517016
email : info@almasafi.com.sa