Committees of Board Directors

1- Review Committee
The committee monitors the company’s business and verifies the integrity and accuracy of its financial statements and internal control systems, The members of the Committee are:

Name Position
Yasser bin Suleman Al-Aqeel Chairman
 Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Hoshan Member outside board
Basem bin Adnan Abu Al-Faraj Member outside board

2- Investment Committee
The Committee shall seek investment opportunities commensurate with the Company’s Articles of Association to benefit from the Company’s cash whether by increasing the percentage of the Company’s ownership of the companies currently invested or entering as new companies with economic feasibility from the opportunities and investment projects presented to the Company by the specialized financial institutions and determining their feasibility and presentation to the Board of Directors for appropriate decision, The members of the Committee are:

Name Position
Maqid bin Ibrahim Al-Otaibi Chairman
Iyad bin Mohammad Mesheikh Member
Prince Mohammed Bin Khalid Bin Turki Al Saud Member
Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Maekel Member
Yasser bin Suleman Al-Aqeel Member

3- Nominations and Remuneration Committee
The Committee shall prepare a clear policy for the remuneration of members of Board of Directors and the Committees of the Board and the Executive Management, and submit them to the Governing Board of Directors for consideration in preparation for their adoption by the General Assembly, taking into account the following criteria related to performance, disclosure, the members of the Committee are:

Name Position
Prince Mohammed Bin Khalid Bin Turki Al Saud Chairman
Dr.Ali bin Saleh Khabti Member
Maqid bin Ibrahim Al-Otaibi Member